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Unmarried siblings and parents enrolled in the University at any level (except for those enrolled in the College of Medicine) shall be entitled to a family discount on tuition on a graduated scale depending on the number of students enrolled provided that a duly accomplished Claim for 家庭折扣 is submitted to the 8455新澳门路线网址 Finance Office not later than June 30 (if with students enrolled in the basic education level) or one week before the Mid-term Examinations (if all students are in the tertiary level).

  • 家庭成员5折优惠
  • 3个家庭成员7%的折扣
  • 4位家庭成员9折优惠
  • 家庭成员5折优惠
  • 6个家庭成员19%折扣
  • 家庭成员7折优惠

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