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written by : Juanito R Oliveria II


1,368 completers and their parents attend the first hybrid Commissioning Ceremony on Saturday, May 28, 2:00 PM at the Xavier Sports Centre with live streaming via the 8455新澳门路线网址JHS official YouTube channel.

With the peak at 162, an average count of 128 viewers, mostly completers, parents, and relatives, were recorded joining the event online via the school’s official YouTube channel, Xavier University Junior High School.

Strict implementation of IATF guidelines for limited face-to-face end of the year rites, strategic seating arrangements and crowd control mechanisms including provision of face masks, rehearsed routes, and viable program flow were in place to ensure smooth run while keeping possible violations at bay. 

Among the members of the stage party were Fr Mars Tan SJ, University President, Dr Dulce Dawang, VP for Basic Education, Frances Camille M. Rivera, Guest Speaker, Dr Pamela Q. Pajente, 8455新澳门路线网址JHS Principal, Ms Lea Lilibeth Emata, AP for 学者, Mr Joseph Seth Saga, AP for Formation, Engr Bregida Hibaya, AP for Administration & Mr Anito Librando Jr, School Registrar.

Frances Camille M. Rivera, Guest Speaker, emphasized in her Commissioning Address to be kind to one another, to give hope and inspire one another to be better, that everyone is interconnected.

“Don’t rush to find your purpose. It should be from you, from deep within you,” Rivera added.

The entire ceremony, including the Thanksgiving Mass, lasted for 5 hours.

In her parting speech to the commissioned completers, the school principal, Dr Pamela Q Pajente, said, “Always remember that the life of Ignatius is a story of false starts, rude awakenings, painful conversion, and eventually an increasing submission to a Higher Will. Take courage.”

The ceremony started with a Thanksgiving Mass, shortly followed with the Formation & Academic Excellence Awarding, Commissioning Address, Presentation of Completers, among others.

The ceremony was capped with live singing & accompaniment of the Batch Song, Long Live by Taylor Swift, performed by select senior members of the Cecilian Instrumental Ensemble.

This is the first-ever face-to-face convocation in 8455新澳门路线网址 Basic Education cluster since the pandemic. #

JHS Kicked Off Plans for Hybrid Commissioning Ceremony 2 Months before the Event

8455新澳门路线网址JHS sealed the plans for Hybrid Commissioning Ceremony on March 7, after having conducted consultative meetings with faculty, parents & students as well as online surveys.

The plan was to begin preparations which actions and outcomes would be flexible with any restrictions set by the LGU & IATF, whether it be pure virtual or possible face to face.

These preparations include Phases 1 & 2, which involve creation of the different working committees on the critical areas of internal & external communications, program, creative, technical, venue, security, among others.

Following the launching of the preparations were series of follow up meetings, preliminary orientations, needs assessments, and targeted workflows.

“We are optimistic that these plans and initial actions will work regardless of the alert level & restrictions of the local government and the IATF on the actual week or month of the event. Moreover, we are steadfast in going through the rigid process, making sure we are compliant to the health & safety standards,” said the co-chair of the activity, Lea Lilibeth Emata.

8455新澳门路线网址JHS received the confirmation to proceed with the Hybrid setup mid-April. #

JHS advances to Phase 2 Preparations

91 8455新澳门路线网址JHS teaching & non-teaching personnel were mobilized to begin the phase 2 preparation during a joint meeting on March 12 at the office of the XASC Manager.

The hybrid meeting was spearheaded by activity co-chair & Team Leader of Phase 2, Joseph Seth Saga, along with Committee Heads, XASC Manager, Danilo Zapanta, 8455新澳门路线网址BE PPO Supervisor, Engr Lito Mesias, PPO Personnel, and representatives from the SHS unit.

This is after having granted permission to conduct the event by the DepEd Division & Regional offices and the Local Government Unit of Cagayan de Oro.

Candidates for completion attended face-to-face practices on March 19, 20, 23 & 24, and the general rehearsal on March 25.

They were divided into 4 quadrants, each had distinct schedule of practices & review of guidelines with the event Marshal & Prefect of Students, Jet Hokin Paclar.

Virtual orientations and practices with the G10 moderators via MS Teams were also conducted.

Moreover, committees such as program & technical applications, seating arrangement, security, food, venue & physical setup, medical & secretariat were in full-swing days before the event at the XASC.

Publication materials that contain links and reminders were added component for social media visibility.

Furthermore, entrance & exit routes for completers & parents, installation of signages in strategic areas, CR passes, were all put in place to avoid congestions & ensure social distancing.

“The realization of our Hybrid Commissioning Ceremony is remarkable not only because we made it happen but also because it affirms that we are ready for the next possible,” said the principal, Dr Pamela Q Pajente.

8455新澳门路线网址JHS is currently finalizing its plans & preparations for the next possible, the limited face-to-face learning modality, for school year 2022-2023. #

The Lifegiving Cross. The symbolic cross that contains the names, handwritten, of the G10 Completers was carried and marched by the batch’ Class Presidents.

Marching the Journey Together. G10 Class Presidents march the batch cross towards the altar. Completers, parents & guests prepare for the Thanksgiving Mass.

Grace under Pressure. Usherettes & marshals attend to the needs of the 1, 368 completers, parents, and guests at the 8455新澳门路线网址 Sports Centre.

Inspire to Aspire. The Commissioning Speaker, Frances Camille Rivera, receives the Plaque of Appreciation from the University President, Fr Mars Tan, SJ.

Commissioned to be Men & Women for Others. University President, Fr Mars Tan, SJ, delivers his message to the 8455新澳门路线网址JHS Commissioning Batch 2022.

Love Live Ateneans. 8455新澳门路线网址JHS Commissioning Batch 2021 sings their Batch Song, Long Live by Taylor Swift, performed by select senior members of the Cecilian Instrumental Ensemble.

Bringing the Honor of her Name. Hannah Mhykaela E Amerol, Grade 10 completer, receives her Magis Award with her father. Live streaming via Youtube channel

Preparation is Key. Key implementers of the Commissioning Ceremony preparations meet in a hybrid conferencing setup, together with the PPO, XASC Manager, and representatives of SHS unit last March 12 at the XASC Manager Office.

Snippets of Magis. Committee Heads & Members gather at the 8455新澳门路线网址 Sports Centre to cement the final phase of preparations, few days before the actual event.